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Use of PDF

The use of PDF, or Portable Document Format, is about the only safe way to ensure your files are readable by others, whether they are transferred via e-mail or over the Internet. Not all computer users have the software to be able to read the myriad of documents available.

The software to read PDF files is free and readily available to everyone. PDF files always look the same no matter what computer is used. In addition, PDF files can include tables and graphics in a compressed form that transfer easily.

Here, we list some advantages of using PDF:

Quickly and easily created

Struggling to meet every project deadline? Working to improve your document drafts? Striving to complete those file updates? The PDF is designed to keep up with today’s fast-paced and highly demanding workload. Creating a PDF takes almost no time at all. Just at a few clicks of the mouse and you’ll be able to send out those document drafts, create electronic versions of your files, and still manage everything in between.

Securable, avoid people from modifying & redistributing your work

Worried about that all-too-important draft circulating around the office, among prying eyes, or worse yet, over the Internet? The ability to secure your PDFs can put you back in control over your work. Adding watermarks, encrypting data, using passwords - these capabilities are only the starting point in securing your PDFs. Depending on the material you are sending electronically, you can determine and decide on the best security measures that work for you.

Compact & Small

When you convert an existing document to a PDF file, it will automatically be highly optimized making it much smaller in size without losing any quality. Note that you can often also combine and merge multiple documents into one single PDF: spreadsheets, word documents, photos, etc... You can join them all together into a single PDF File!


Where viewing the original document source is essential, the PDF is the ultimate solution. It has the ability to exist independently from the hardware, software and operating system (OS) used to create or view the PDF document. What does this mean? It means that PDFs make it not only easy to transmit files between computers with different applications, but also get your documents across clearly and avoid any communication problems wherever possible. Preserving the look and feel of the original source file becomes a priority you don't have to worry about.

Viewable within most web-browsers

You're simply able to open and view PDF files in your favorite web-browser. You can simply click a link whenever someone links to a PDF file on a website, and the file will be opened automatically.

Compatible with modern portable reader systems

This is a whole new but powerful phenomenon: various companies like Sony are working on digitally paper pads. These flat panels, not much larger than a regular book, allow you to upload your PDF files to the device, so you can read through the information like a normal book.

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